UTM – Improve Productivity with Content Filtering

UTM – Around 57% of SMEs in the country proactively use their website as a sales channel as per an insightful study conducted by Google India. To search for suppliers and vendors using the Internet for accessing email is highly prevalent, but around 71% of enterprises also use the ‘World Wide Web’. Amongst other things a significantly large number also use the Internet for online listings, online advertisements and for generating business leads.With its own set of perils this wide proliferation of the Internet for business comes. For Internet-based attacks These SMEs, which are around 40 million in number, are mostly unprepared and also face a general lack of awareness with regards to network security which puts them in the high-risk category. Who use advanced infiltration techniques and social engineering methods They are susceptible to attacks by sophisticated hackers and this makes SMEs vulnerable to hacking, cracking, phishing, viruses, worms etc. so as a result this is imperative that SMEs monitor and control web content access.

Sources of major threats to networks

we have found a few common avenues of content risks to be consistent across organizations of all sizes while analyzing the various channels through which security threats can gain entry into a business network,. These attacks can be placed in the following categories: • Data loss due to non-approved emails or web-based threats, chats & P2P file sharing programs • Legal liability due to copying Intellectual Property of other entities or copyright infringement by downloading copyrighted material • During work hours using the Internet for personal online shopping, visiting illicit websites like adult sites or gambling sites or surfing for fun. • By recreational or non-business applications slow network performance due to bandwidth consumption. • To support both legitimate and illegitimate business applications rising maintenance costs

Traditional methods of ‘Content Filtering’ are now outdated

To wreak havoc on unprepared systems and networks, new and complex attacks continued. it is either blocked or allowed than Traditional ‘Content Filtering’ has operated under the basis that the content is manually or heuristically analyzed. The source of this content / other relevant criteria is not going to be taken into consideration. This method is useful from viewing inappropriate websites as it prevents users but it is not enough.By filtering the URLs based on this categorization these ‘URL Filtering’ method only blocks websites / certain sections of websites by categorization, storage of databases of categorized URLs. Slowly it evolved into a heuristic process because initially this process was carried out manually. However, malicious content is allowed to pass through and this is not enough as many times legitimate sites are also blocked while these traditional methods have been good in the past but the need for Content Filtering today is far more pressing and intensive.

UTM has a novel solution:-

The solution that UTM provides to this pressing issue is known as ‘Data Cloud URL Filtering’. At a fervent pace since new websites and pages are being added to the Internet every day which is locally managed databases & heuristic engines cannot serve this vast size & the unique specific needs of individual users anymore. Seamlessly transfers the database of allowed and blocked websites and categories into the cloud UTM innovative & cutting-edge approach to content filtering. since it does not rely on limited resources of local storage so this advanced technology is known as ‘Data Cloud URL Filtering’ and it provides a more flexible, comprehensive and accurate form of URL filtering technology .

Noteworthy benefits of Data Cloud URL Filtering

The advantages of Data Cloud URL Filtering are, they benefit an enterprise in several different ways and manifold. By scanning almost a third of global Internet traffic Effective and timely coverage of databases is provided every few minutes. From professional researchers these updates are directly sourced from automated web crawling & classification techniques, combined with manual classification. Data from thousands of globally deployed UTM appliances is also delivering to classify uncategorized or unsafe URLs.If there is a mistake in URL categorization. Correction requests are promptly responding to unuse domains and websites are periodically phasing out. By this method A wide variety and extremely large number. Of URL categories and a comprehensive URL database is provided. This database contains close to hundreds of millions of the most relevant websites. To block specific sections of a website this large silo of data grants granularity to the user. The user gets a highly customized experience with this functionality which is very specific to his network security needs & operational scale.A user can unblock a particular URL for instance using list-based. URL Filtering even if the category of the URL is blocking through Data Cloud URL Filtering.

Salient features of UTM:-

UTM – Improve Productivity with Content FilteringWithout restricting Internet with business growth. SMEs often face massive challenges in terms of maintaining network security usage and hampering productivity. They need a solution that boosts their productivity while also securing. The network and protecting sensitive data and empowers employees.UTM Filtering offers benefits such as effective accuracy and coverage. Faster performance and ease of use with that end goal in mind. Without compromising on other network security these features are available in a comprehensive. Quick Heal Terminator (UTM) appliance which benefits such as Firewall. Gateway Antivirus, IDS/IPS, Gateway Mail Protection, Load Balancing, VPN, Bandwidth Management and more.For foolproof network security SMEs have very specific needs of ensuring. Without having to deploy multiple solutions for each. Specific security requirement Quick Heal Terminator helps meet all these needs through. One easy to use solution.