The Role of Isolation in UPS Systems

Isolation transformers have historically had a number of different roles in the power architecture and every data center power system includes transformers of data centers:-. To the utilization voltage, Voltage step-down from medium-voltage mains supply. To act as an integral part of the power conversion circuits Within a UPS.. For creating a local ground-bonded neutral. To reduce harmonic currents within power distribution units or a UPS. To accommodate abnormally to provide taps high or low mains voltage. . With multiple generators or mains sources to eliminate ground loops

Depending on the design of the data center power system to provide additional utilization voltages within power distribution units e.g. 120V in North America and 100V in Japan, UPS systems have historically had one or more permanently installed internal isolation transformers to provide one or more of the listed functions. As part of their circuits newer UPS systems do not require power transformers, reducing weight and improving efficiency, size, & cost.

In Data Center UPS system The Role of Isolation Transformers

As needed to achieve a desired function Instead, transformers are added to a transformer less UPS.A transformer is required and must be either internal to the UPS or added externally nevertheless, there are many cases of the same. In many cases even older UPS systems with internal transformers require additional external transformers.

The transformer less UPS design is superior because Most importantly, this paper explains why in almost all cases where a transformer is needed, it allows the transformer to be installed in a more optimal part of the power path.

First, this paper explains why older UPSs have transformers & the circumstances under which transformer less UPSs behave differently. Specifically in relation to UPS systems this paper focuses on the use of transformers. In order to provide galvanic isolation between the UPS input and output it is widely believing that internal transformers were originally provided in UPS systems and this is false.

Due to the power inverter technology the reason internal transformers were using in early UPS systems is because they were inherently require and used in the UPS design. As a ground-referenced battery system the first UPS products were developed over 40 years ago and being used. For isolation from the mains – one on the input rectifier, and one anthem output inverter the grounded electronics and battery configuration required these systems to have two transformers.

Eliminated one of the transformers. The battery bus was moving to the neutral wire or electrically float. Typically removing the rectifier transformer. Which is a later improvements in these designs. Most recent UPS designs taking advantage of high-voltage, high-speed power. Semiconductors that did not exist 15 years ago and most recent UPS designs. Use newer designs that eliminate both the input and output transformer.