In the current highly iterative IT and cyber world , there are much unknown as well as known vulnerabilities associated with technological advancement.There are multiple protocols being followed by organizations to keep data from being attacked. The world now has moved beyond firewalls and antiviruses. Safeguarding has become equally challenging due to which it’s crucial to understand basic differences and be aware of common terminologies.

Many professionals are not fully aware that terms like “endpoint virus” and “Endpoint Security” are interchangeable. The fact is , they are not alike.

Delving more into the two concepts of “antivirus software ” and “endpoint security”: –


Antivirus is not a holistic solution, it is a portion of a holistic business protection solution. Antivirus software help you guard just one end point – the individual workstations. Multiple other end points are still uncovered for and susceptible to complex vulnerabilities.

1. The main focus of antivirus is to understand or detect threats or vulnerabilities and eliminate malware or malicious and unwanted code.Malwares include-

  • Ransomware
  • Trojans
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Keyloggers

2. Antivirus software protection functions in the hindsight or background while users operate other applications on the system. Whenever a new file is downloaded and users click to open a file or program , the antivirus software installed starts its job. There is an antivirus scan for malware to protect the system from complex threats.

3. The list of malwares are extensive, that’s the only challenge. With more than 1 million different kinds of malwares being injected every day in the internet world. Hence, this calls for regular antivirus software upgradation.

4. Updates on a daily basis are practically not feasible and realistic. Which leaves users exposed to many malicious codes since their antivirus software fails defending them.

5. Most organizations were caught in the wave of depending on legacy antivirus software and signature-based detection. However, with the swelling internet data market , this adoption holds no good. There are many threats in the market which are absolutely signature-less or file-less and this causes many malwares to be free – undetected.Due to these limitations , Antivirus software operates best within an environment which is characterized by unencrypted data flow. It is still useful for eliminating and detecting simple threats.

It is definitely crucial to install an antivirus for the extra layer of protection, but, it is not an overall absolutely 100% total protection for organizations.


To be 100 % protected , a 360 Degree solution is required and there is more than just malware detection or virus protection. Endpoint security is applicable in this scenario.

1. Endpoint security comprises of firewalls , antivirus , detecting intrusion and anti- malware tools. It is a step beyond antivirus and is inclusive of prevention from data loss ,sandboxing, endpoint detection and response plus highly upgraded next-generation firewalls.

2. Endpoint security aims at IT infrastructure protection overall and not just one endpoint, unlike antivirus. Any of the user devices that are connected to the corporate IT network are considered to be associated with this layer of protection such as PCs, workstations , mobile devices and IoT devices.

3. Endpoint security gives the I.T Departments a centralized portal of management. This helps professionals keep a track of all end points and maintain transparent visibility of each.

4. This service also helps organizations easily monitor suspicious or dangerous data, traffic flow , problematic gaps and helps professionals safeguard remote end point user devices—unlike most antivirus products.

5. Moreover , it helps you limit the devices which can connect to your end points. Any random USB devices cannot get plugged in without your authorization.

Hence this holistic protection saves organizations from major complex exposure and protects personal data.

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