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  • Email is a network for virtual communication that has influenced many businesses. It has eliminated internal connectivity barriers that allow businesses to exchange information at unprecedented speeds from every part of the world with customers and stakeholders in a cost-effective way. Small companies are switching to business email providers because they want to look more […]

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  • In the current highly iterative IT and cyber world , there are much unknown as well as known vulnerabilities associated with technological advancement.There are multiple protocols being followed by organizations to keep data from being attacked. The world now has moved beyond firewalls and antiviruses. Safeguarding has become equally challenging due to which it’s crucial […]

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  • UPS Systems
    The Role of Isolation in UPS Systems

    Dec 28, 2017 ,   by : admin0

    The Role of Isolation in UPS Systems Isolation transformers have historically had a number of different roles in the power architecture and every data center power system includes transformers of data centers:- . To the utilization voltage, Voltage step-down from medium-voltage mains supply . To act as an integral part of the power conversion circuits […]

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  • How UTM Helps Increasing Productivity
    How UTM Helps Increasing Productivity

    Dec 27, 2017 ,   by : admin0

    UTM – Improve Productivity with Content Filtering UTM – Around 57% of SMEs in the country proactively use their website as a sales channel as per an insightful study conducted by Google India. To search for suppliers and vendors using the Internet for accessing email is highly prevalent, but around 71% of enterprises also use […]

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  • Difference between Endpoint security And Antivirus?

    Difference between Endpoint security And Antivirus? Endpoint Security – Now a days it’s a very common question among peoples that what is the difference between endpoint protection & antivirus and so here I have defined simple definition of endpoint protection and antivirus below. Endpoint security is centrally managing and it is a strategy in which […]

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  • Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems
    5 Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems

    Nov 11, 2017 ,   by : admin0

    5 Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems supports the performance of an organization’s cabling system or network. Within the business together it is the glue that binds all PCs, phones and other devices used– providing a versatile and reliable solution to a wide range of communication requirements. From business to business […]

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Astek networking & solution was established in 1996 as computer hardware vendor in Agra.

Adapting changes in IT word and requirements we keep on upgrading our solution basket & in year 2002 we quit completely from PC Business & convert into a 100%  solution based company.

Since then, we have been catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality network communication products & services, Server infrastructure, Internet security, and various IT solutions in Agra.

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